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Overseas Nurses

Relocating to the UK with the support of people you can trust

We know that re-locating to a foreign country can be a very stressful and life changing experience. However, It can also be a very rewarding and exciting experience when the process is handled for you in a professional way. That is why we are here to support you along the process to make it easy and simple for you. We work in partnership with agents across the world who have enormous experience and are fully compliant with our UK procedures. To start you on the process our agent in your region will contact you for a face to face meeting. Alternatively you may want to be contacted through Skype.


Network and peer support

We also maintain a network of nurses and midwives who have gone through the process for information shearing and peer support. You will be able to speak to others who understand what you are going through and have settled in the UK to share their experience with you.



We understand how preparing for the above tests can be very daunting and anxious experience. That is why we will provide you with a training programme that prepares you for interview and gives you a chance to succeed the first time round.


Shouldering your burdens for you

First, we will guide you through the NMC application process, visa application support and then National Insurance number (NI) on arrival in the UK. Further, we will arrange for your flight, meet you at the airport and arrange your accommodation when you arrive.



In adherence to very strict policy neither Equator Personnel Ltd nor any of its agents will charge you any fee for these services. However, you will need to pay for both of your initial tests.

  1. IELTS- £ 249
  2. NMC Initial registration- £ 140

These are not upfront payments. They are paid directly to the relevant providers as part of the process. Further, a re-location package will be worked out for you as their commitment to you. This may include your flight expenses and one month’s accommodation in the UK.

For step by step relocation process please click here